Get to know the beauties of our region and discover beautiful natural landscapes and historical destinations:

Castle of Parga

The Venetian castle of Parga is situated on a hill with a wonderful view overlooking the town, the beach of Valtos, and the Ioanian Sea. Many visitors stroll on the cobbled streets of Parga, in the castle or visit the islet of Panagia. Distance: 30km


Small, verdant islands with picturesque villages of Ionian island architecture, crystal-clear waters and sea caves. Daily Cruises to Paxi and Antipaxi from the port of Syvota. Distance: 11miles

Springs of Acheront's River

River of exquisitive beauty and ecological importance, which flows through a gorge. In ancient times, it was believed that Aherontas River was the road through which Hades carried the souls to his kingdom, in Herousia Lake. The “Necromantio” was found in the northeast shore of Aherousia, the most important place of communication with the dead and of worship of the Underworld Gods. Nowadays, you can go canoeing kayak, rafting, walking, horse riding, cycling. It is worth visiting the village Glyki. Distance: 60km


It is possible a day trip to Corfu to visit the Old Town, with its Venetian-style neoclassical architecture, has been listed as a Unesco World Heritage Site since 2007 Distances: Syvota-Igoumnitsa 21km / Igoumnitsa-Corfu 1.30houre by Ferry

Ancient Nicopolis

Nicopolis, situated close to Preveza in western part of Epirus, is a walled city founded in the 31 BC by Octavian in memory of his victory over Antony and Cleopatra at Actium. It is a well-preserved archaeological site, a whole ancient city with odeum, theatre, walls and many more relics.Distance: 89km

Ioannina City-Ancient Theater of Dodoni

Enchanting, modern city of historical interest, built on the banks of the Pamvotida Lake. The small inhabited island on the lake, the castle and the traditional architecture buildings of the city, the nearby wax museum of P. Vrellis, the Perama cave and the ancient theatre of Dodoni are worth visiting. Distances Ancient theater of Dodoni:77km Ioannina : 99km