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  • Syvota, known as Mourtos, is a picturesque, coastal village of the Ionian Sea, only 21klm away from Igoumenitsa, in Thesprotia. Syvota is built in an idyllic landscape surrounded by verdant hills around an enchanting bay, islets, crystal-clear waters and it is a centre of attraction for of tourists from Greece or abroad.

    Syvota is known since antiquity, as a sea battle between the Corinthians and the Corcyraeans, took place on the islets in the bay of Syvota in 433 BC, in the years of the Peloponnesian War.
  • Until 1959 the village was known as Mourtos under the name of the pirate who had his base on the small islands of the bay
    The area is a tourist resort with excellent tourist facilities: restaurants where you can taste the local cuisine, bakery, mini-markets and shops, cafes and bars to amuse yourselves.
    The village is famous for their dentelated coastline. The beaches Megas Ammos, Mikri Ammos, Bella Vraka etc. attract many tourists.There are also numerous bays and beaches between the 3 isles of Sivota. The organised marina of the port, which is full of yachts every summer, offers small boats that you can rent and become yourself the “captain” of your holidays taking your friends and family to small and amazing bays that can not be accessed by car on the islets or the mainland. They wait to be discovered!


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